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Artificial cultivation of “REISHI”. To harvest the high-quality Ganoderma lucidum – Yukio Naoi

Artificial cultivation of “REISHI”. To harvest the high-quality Ganoderma lucidum – Yukio Naoi

In Japan, Ganoderma lucidum are grown by the following methods.

1) Wood log cultivation: Most popular cultivation using wood logs.

2) Pot (bottle) cultivation : Cultivation using pots (bottles).

3) Tank Cultivation: Cultivation using large tank..

Over the past 30 years, a considerable number of studies have been made on the best method to harvest high-quality Ganoderma lucidum. And several observations through 30 years attempts have shown that the best method to harvest high-quality Ganoderma lucidum would be wood log cultivation. 

Not only wood log cultivation, but also there are some necessary conditions to get high-quality Ganoderma lucidum.

We may consider the subject under the following:

(1) To select the highest strain

(2) To grow them in the good method

(3) To harvest them at the good time

(4) To treat them with good way after harvested

We shall now look more carefully into these four conditions.

(1) To select the highest strain

I will begin by considering the highest strain. The term “strain of Ganoderma lucidum” is not defined in academic term. I will use the term “strain of Ganoderma lucidum” to refer to classify Ganoderma lucidum for being spread. There are many strains of Ganoderma lucidum. And GY-system Ganoderma lucidum are all included in good strains. Also there are three typical strains (GYN, GYK, GYG) of GY-system Ganoderma lucidum. These strains have special characteristics as following table.

The biggest notable feature of these GY-system Ganoderma lucidum is an effectiveness as a panacea. 

There cannot be a cure-all medicine in modern medicine, but I think there would have been a cure-all medicine in ancient times.

The best account for it can be found in followings. 

Three Typical Strains of GY-System

StrainColor of pileusCharacteristics of medical effect
GYNFive colors (red,blue, black yellow,white)Mainly fixes the function of energy-Sei-, i.e.,blood and muscle.
GYKFine yellowMainly fixes the function ofair-Ki- i.e.,trachea,blood vessel and skin
GYGFine whiteMainly fixes the function of spirit-Shin, i.e., brain nerve, sense organ, capillaries for example spleen, pancreas, gallbladder.

§ 1 Surface color of pileus under the standard cultivation and maturity.

§ 2 Effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, a painkiller and a panacea are common to all of these three strains. 

1) The material world = a framework(name) + an undulation of its own


The quantum world = a particle property + an undulation property of its own (elementary particle)

2) The modern medicine: The efficacy of medicine It is understood and used by scientific reason.

The ancient medicine: The efficacy of mind -Sei, Ki, Shin- (food)

It is understood and used by mystic sensitivity.

It also can be found in the descriptions of “Honzo Komoku”; the ancient Chinese book of medicine.

(2) To grow them in the good method

The medical efficacy of Ganoderma lucidum is distributed abundantly in hymenium.

From this view point I may say that Ganoderma lucidum, without hymenium, cannot be regarded as high-quality Ganoderma lucidum, even if it may have been the highest strain, grown in the good method, harvested at the good time and treated with good way after harvested.

To make a good Ganoderma lucidum with abondant hymenium, there are some important points as follows.

1) To cultivate using wood logs

2) To cultivate using natural stimulations temperature, moisture, sunlight, wind and soil bacterium ) as thoroughly as possible.

That is to say, it is important to pay attention not to grow them overprotectively.

(3) To harvest thein at the good time

All life has only one time when its life force ( Sei, Ki, Shin, i.e., energy, air and spirit ) becomes highest in its lifetime. And this time coincided with when its propagative power becomes full. When we cultivate Ganoderma lucidum, it is also important to select this high time. The point that we can select the highest harvest time is one of the advantage of artificial cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum.

(4) To treat them with good way after harvested

The most important point is that fresh cells of Ganoderma lucidum immediately after harvested perish slowly.

The reason for it is to let Ganoderma lucidum make antidisease power of its own. And I expect that this antidisease power will do after took in human body. All life has healing properties that raise its antidisease power, under stern conditions of nature, and abiding by providence of nature.

To put it another way, we must not dehydrate Ganoderma lucidum rapidly by force and hinder the growth of the antidisease power of its own.

In addition to this, once cells and organizations of Ganoderma lucidum perish, they can be preserved in cool, dark and stable place and used properly.

All life lives for itself.

From this view point, I may say that whoever cultivate Ganoderma lucidum and utilizing it, and cultivate it modestly and gratefully.

  • Yukio Naoi (Canited – 2009)
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